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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

National Year of Reading

The Director of Education (whom God preserve) has decreed that next Monday there shall be a celebration of The National Year of Reading, encompassing all forms of glad-handing, back-slapping and lickspittling of the Adult Literacy Working Group of which he is Chair. Looking at the programme it's pretty much a day of wristjobs workshops for practioners rather than anything for public consumption.

T.Aldous, ever ready to score a point against the Director of Education (whom God preserve) has decreed that Tuesday is a public celebration of the National Year of Reading, to be held in Helminthdale Central Library. And so it has hung for the three weeks since he had the idea. Nobody knows what is to be happening that day but it will be A Great Thing. If it goes true to form, some time in the next day and a half somebody will be landed the job of organising the spectacular with a budget of buttons.


The Topiary Cow said...

Over here, National Library Week is celebrated with a sale of old books donated by people or their heirs, and a sale of popcorn, proceeds to benefit the "Friends of the Library."

Popcorn sells much better than the books, every time.

Good luck with your Year of Reading!


Kevin Musgrove said...

We're just now running down to the end of The National Year of Reading. I'll leave you to guess what sort of impact we managed. (Clue: Bronwyn was appointed lead officer but wasn't allowed to take up the post until five months into the year.)