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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mostly coloured yellow

More fun with the school holiday events at the non-existant library...

Seeing as how the community group told T.Aldous that they didn't want any of the performers we've got on contract this season Frog decided he'd do a craft activity and storytime himself. It's been scheduled, the room in the community centre's booked and it's in all the publicity we've rushed out last minute as usual.

Billy Meredith comes in from the Mobile Library run.

"Hey, you'll never guess what," he says to Frog. "After all that palaver about sorting out a holiday event at Mattressbrook, one of 'em just turned to me and said they didn't see the point of it 'cos their grandkids are on holiday that week."

Yes, you'll never guess what: we've been paying performers to go to a non-existant library to do a turn specifically for one family. For years.

Your tax pound at work.


Gadjo Dilo said...

Libraries have performers on contract?? I suppose if one of them gets a role in Holby City, for instance, they have to screen "X appears by kind permission of Helminthdale library"... how uncool.

Affer said...

When I was with Whiterose Sideways, a well-known RDA, funding such events was a must....it was another recordable 'output' that proved we were showering the Community with money. Money which just appeared and HAD to be spent!

Kevin Musgrove said...

There you go, Gadjo, it isn't just me!

Affer: there aren't many challenges of service development that I miss now I've been put back in my box. One of the few is the knitting together of other people's 'money that must be spent' to make sustained new services. It appealed to my creativity.