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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog eat dog

Pansy sends over an email about the new mayor who's been elected at Scarscastle on a "waste-cutting" ticket. It sounds great. In theory. He's one of these who'd have been a member of the Ratepayers' Alliance in the old days.

"Before you get too enthusiastic, check out what's going on in their libraries," I warn her.

She does.

"My God. It's not good, is it?"

It isn't.

When library systems folk get together, Helminthdale and Pardendale are looked upon with pity. Even the hardest hearts hear stories about the routine mismanagement of our organisations and feel sorry for us. We, in turn, feel sorry for the folks in Scarscastle.

Poor beggars.


Gadjo Dilo said...

But who do the people at Scarscastle feel sorry for? Apart from the ratepayers, obviously.

--s said...

perhaps its like the big fleas and lesser fleas...

Gadjo Dilo said...

But it's that fleas that make us all equals, as John Donne said.

Lavinia said...

Our mayor got in on a 'clean sweep' campaign, otherwise known as a 'new broom' and he actually held up a new broom during his campaign. Makes it all the more poignant' that his undoing will prove to be the current garbage strike which has befouled my city for the last five weeks or so!!