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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Autograph hunting

There's a huge pile of paperwork by Noreen's desk.

"What they?" I ask.

"Invoices to be signed by Mary when she comes in."

"She was only in on Monday. Have you done that much work since then?"

"Oh no. She's doing the usual 'leave it with me, I'll do it in a minute,' but there's only half a week to chase her up in and we've no idea whether or not she's in from one day to the next so it all just gets left."

"Who signs invoices in the half a week she's not in?"


"So what happens when Corporate Procurement ask questions as to why it's taking so long to pass invoices?"

"T.Aldous or Mary come over to ask us why it's taking us so long to receive the incoming stock."

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