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Monday, July 27, 2009

Along came his mum and she said: "By gum! You'd better wipe that off the walls!"

Frog's been out to the community centre at Spadespit. He's doing a completely different type of story telling for severely-handicapped children. He's done nothing like this before and he was as nervous as a kitten beforehand. As it happens, and as most of us would have predicted, it went down a storm and the care workers were profuse in their appreciation.

He was telling us about the session and the responses from the children (in a few cases they are so much sensory impairment that any response at all is a major positive). It sounds really good.

Mary listened a while and chipped in with:

"I couldn't help noticing that you used some of the booksale boxes."

In case of fire Mary's always got a bucket of cold water to hand.

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Lavinia said...

Somebody please put a stop to Mary!!!!