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Monday, March 12, 2007

Going dizzy with pleasure

Noddy Library. It's been "going to move" for the best part of three years and there have been more management meetings allegedly to discuss this than soft mick and yet we are where we are. It's day one of the move and things are not going well. Hetty Mistletoe, the librarian in charge there, is trying to oversee the orderly unpacking of the stock that's already on the new site while also overseeing the packing up of the last dregs from the old one. That bit's going well. Not so everything else:
  • The counter's being ripped out tomorrow, together with the part of the shelving that T.Aldous has decided is six inches too wide.
  • It turns out that the shelving is actually two inches too low. Hetty and her team have had to remove a shelf from each bay so that they can shuffle all the pegs and shelves so that the books can stand upright. This means that they've lost 20% of the expected shelving.
  • Julia came in at start of play and decided that the non-fiction would go on the shelves over here instead of over there.
  • Mary came in an hour later and said that if the non-fiction's going over there then it would probably be best not to interfile adult and junior non-fiction as planned because it wouldn't all fit on those shelves.
  • T.Aldous came in ten minutes later and asked why all the junior non-fiction had been stacked up on the shelves out of sequence. (Answer: they'd been put there out of the way to be sorted out later.)
  • He then asked why none of the books have been put on the shelves in face display (Answer: they've only been unpacking for an hour and weren't even thinking about displaying anything at this stage.)
  • He then asked why the staff PCs haven't been put on the counter yet (because we hadn't moved any of the computers yet and he's having the counter ripped out tomorrow.)
  • And why aren't the kinderboxes arranged properly (Unspoken answer: why don't you just go away and leave us alone to get on with our work?)

I popped in to check where we're dumping the computers when we move them tomorrow afternoon. Hettie's just back from her sixth fag break of the morning but still looking frazzled. I decide to cut the tension with a bit of flirting:

"My God but you're lovely when you're angry."

"Fuck off."

"Oh shit, he's been in already hasn't he?"


Less than a morning is a new record, even for T.Aldous.

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