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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Suddenly it's high summer and your banana's all gone

Well, the counter's now been uninstalled in the new Noddy Library and we're wondering when it's getting put back in. Not any time today I think, though I'm told I'm being overly pessimistic. It's been a performance so far. Luckily I'm not wasting my time too much hanging around as there's always the need for a spot of help with unpacking and shelving. Especially as "somebody" has decided that the biographies need to go over here not over there, necessitating the complete reshelving of all the fiction that was done yesterday.

"We need to do something about all those empty boxes piled up over there," says T.Aldous.

"Just bend over," somebody mutters.

Less lucky is the guy from IT who was led to expect (not by me!!!) that the counter would be ready this lunchtime and has just arrived ready and eager to get on with the installations. Ah well, at least we can get the public workstations installed as far as we can without access to the staff PC that's going to be controlling the booking and printing systems.

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