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Thursday, March 15, 2007


I've done as much as I can do now at Noddy and I'm now just getting in the way. Me back off to the broken biscuit factory methinks. As I put my coat on Julia catches my eye:

"Can't you take him away with you? Please?"

All but one face in the room sings out a mute appeal so I steel myself and shout over to T.Aldous:

"Did you say that you needed to sort something out back at Helminthdale before your meeting with Warner this afternoon?"

"Oh yes, thanks. I've got to ring John Fishley about Cattermole Street and I need to check with Lola what's happening about the parking at Windscape. Do you want a lift back."

"That would be good, thanks," I lied.

Well, what would you do, chums?

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