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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Boxing clever (not)

Oh I am really browned off. Every library you go to in the borough is chock-full of tatty old boxes full of tatty old shit, most of it booksale books on their sixth circle to Heaven. Coming back here to Helminthdale I have to pick my way through booksale boxes, children's furniture, three months' worth of incoming stock that's all finally arrived this week and assorted bits of old tat that's been sent over from the old site at Noddy.

"We need to bring back all the chairs and tables. And the boxes of stock that got left behind," says T.Aldous.

"Where's all that going then?" asks Seth.

"It's got to come back here. I need to go through it to see what needs to go into the booksale at Dutch Bend."

"Couldn't it go straight there?"

"No, I need to check it out first."

"Where's it all going?"

"There's some room in Kevin's office, it can go there."

"Can I get rid of the bricks then?"

"No, the police may want them for evidence."

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