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Friday, March 09, 2007

Playthings of providence

Seth and Lemuel are Not Happy. After packing up all the New Year Book Sale and lugging it downstairs and piling it in the corner with all the children's furniture that was bought last April they've been told that they need to make arrangements for picking up all the old stock and furniture from Noddy Library so that the place is clear for sale once it's moved home at the end of next week.

"Where's it going?" asks Seth.

"It'll have to come back here," says T.Aldous.

"Where's it going here?"

"There's some room where you cleared those boxes last week."

"We had to clear those boxes because that is a fire escape and people need to be able to escape the building if there's a fire."

"Well, it'll have to go there then."

"But that's a fire escape, it can't go there."

"Well, it'll just have to go there."

"But what if there's a fire?"

"You're fire warden. You'll be able to get everyone out."

We've only been moving Noddy Library for the best part of three years. If this is an example of the pre-planning for the event it's going to be a torrid week!

Milton and I have already roped off the toilet cubicle we're going to be using for storing the new PCs we're ordering for the new learning centres.

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