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Friday, March 16, 2007

A series of catastrophes that results in a victory

We're surprisingly close to completion at Noddy, in time for the opening of the new library on Monday. Somebody being in meetings all yesterday can't have hurt. We're mostly OK with the computers though two of the new PCs that we've bought to swell the numbers are a bit flakier than any of us like, something to do with a brand new build that IT have imposed. I suggest that we whip them out for now and re-install them some time after next week so that we don't have any potential negatives on the first day. I'm told I'm over-cautious and we'll give it a go. I probably am being over-cautious but given all the brouhaha there's been about this move over the past couple of years I don't want to give the moaning minnies any excuses for picking faults.

A more pressing issue is the counter, which is lacking a portion of the worktop.

"They're coming in tomorrow to do it," says Hettie in between chocolate bars.

I tell her and Julia that in all sincerity and despite all the hassles and aggrevations it actually looks pretty damned good.

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