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Friday, March 16, 2007

Here to offend against reason

We've decided to buy some more barcode scanners with some of the IT money; there's always a need for barcode scanners and they always go wrong just at the point when there's no spares left (Milton's being coy about the amount of money that's turned up in that budget but my guess is that we could buy a couple of hundred barcode scanners and still have change). Easy peasy as we only bought a couple at Christmas so we know the cost, supplier, etc.

Not so easy peasy: the council's changed its financial system (at the dog end of the financial year, yes I know) and we've hit a snag. To save project time they didn't export the database of existing approved suppliers into the new system. Consequently, all the suppliers are being put onto the system on a need-to-order basis. And having been on the old list of approved suppliers isn't good enough for inclusion on the new system: we have to start from scratch, submitting all the required data and having central procurement check out the company and give them their seal of approval before the request gets passed on to finance for the supplier's record to be created and activated so that we can then quote the approved supplier number so that the order can be sent.

Working smarter not harder.

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