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Monday, March 26, 2007

How great ideas are born

We're in the midst of leaving do's: Tilly has decided to retire early rather than endure another six months of T.Aldousery; Delphine Hackett is retiring on her 60th; and we've lost Wendell Hall and Gibbons Carroll to jobs with better prospects. Besides these, over the next two months we'll be losing between one and eight people to better jobs that I'm not supposed to know about. Frog and I join a bitter little group: not only do these buggers get to escape, they have parties and we have to buy them presents.

"We should have a 'Still bloody here' do."

"That's a good idea. It'll need a theme."

"How about the Titanic?"

"Everybody does the Titanic. Pompeii?"


"The Hindenberg!"

"Great! When was it?"

"Not sure. May or September."

"We could ask T.Aldous to be the star guest."

"We could set fire to him!"

"Dress kilts shall be worn."

"What's worn beneath the kilt?"

"Nothing, it's all in perfect working order."


Zeppo said...

Ever pondered on who will be at your retirement? I have. Probably just me, because the average age of the staff is so high they'll all have left by the time I get out.

We won't have any replacements for them because no-one in their right mind would work in a pubic liberty these days. They only have to read the going-ons in Helminthdale to realise that you are far from atypical.

Unless, of course, we get replacements who aren't in their right minds. Now there's a thought. They ought to fit in quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's on for The Hindenberg I'm still bloody here do. Latest news is that it will be in May in dress kilts

Kevin Musgrove said...

Lady Smith will be relieved