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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Milton's arranged for Lola to join us for a day-long meeting about online services. In part this is because one day when I was away someody rang up and asked who was representing the Library Service in a corporate e-Implementation Meeting, T.Aldous and Mary panicked, saw Lola and volunteered her for the job. In part it's because Milton and I have been doing this type of thing for too long and need a fresh pair of eyes to cut through all the natural assumptions.

Mary is not happy that Lola's doing this so she's told Milton that she's got to pay for her day's work out of one of his budgets. Considering that we're all paid out of one service-wide staffing budget and that I seem to spend half my working life doing work for parts of Mary's empire this is a little cheeky.

Any similarity between Management Group and a working team is purely coincidental.

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