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Monday, June 25, 2007

All the refuse lying here
Has no life to give it cheer

I'm doing yet another bit of the catalogue maintenance that apparently isn't necessary to have anyone doing because catalogues maintain themselves and we'll soon be moving to MARC21 anyway, which transformation happens by magic and won't involve any specialised work. I've mentioned before that I don't understand some librarians' attitude to cataloguing: I can understand them not wanting to do it themselves but the utter neglect that's apparent in some organisations' catalogues is breathtaking. We'll soon be joining their ranks. Management Group can deal with all the complaints about people not being able to find anything, they're the ones who've deleted the stock manager/catalogue post without telling anyone.

This time it's authority maintenance: I'm tidying out all the blind authorities in the subject index. It's an object lesson in the transience of fame: out go Peter Butterworth, Neville Chamberlain, Eamonn Andrews, Paul Merton and Danny Kaye. Disconcertingly, it becomes apparent that we no longer have any stock on Babylonia, Carthage, cervical cancer, the Channel Islands or metaphysics.

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