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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dust and yesterday's greasepaint

An odd morning for posters...

There's a new one at the railway station saying: "Go back in time... ...Travel with Northern Rail." I thought this was very appropriate as I decamped from my 1985 Sprinter and got onto the Transpennine Express (like the Pony Express but slower and less reliable), built in 1988.

Walking down from Helminthdale Station there's a new one put up by the Regeneration Unit:

Put on your dancing trousers and boogie on down
To the bars, pubs and clubs
In Helminthdale Town Centre

As the local nightlife is made up of The Monkey's; The Duck & Pullet and O'Rafferty's Catholic Ukrainian Club I can't imagine John Travolta strutting his stuff of a Wednesday evening.

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