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Monday, June 18, 2007

Calm down dear

I'm steaming a little less about the continuity plan now I've seen the emails Jim had to deal with. It's apparent that "somebody" sat on the forms for three months and then forwarded them to Jim, telling him: "The deadline for this was four days ago. We need to fill this in as soon as possible. Please fill this in and return it to me by tomorrow."

After a chat with Jim we've settled that the result was unsatisfactory. Then we both start to wonder why we've got a secret business continuity plan. It isn't unknown: after all, we're the library service with the stock selection policy that's so confidential that half of management group aren't allowed to see it. Even so...
It turns out that it's never been sent on to the Business Management Unit in the Town Hall. It should have arrived in January. Jim and I resolve to rewrite the thing into something that people can actually use and then see if we can't slip it under the wire in a couple of weeks' time when T.Aldous is irritating the natives of far Amazonia.

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