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Friday, June 22, 2007

And some irresponsible crazies
Meander around there at will

Someone from SureStart is talking to Lola:

"We'll be starting under-fives' story time at Windscape next week."

"Err... Can I just check with the staff there to make sure they know about it and we've got the arrangements sorted."

"Oh we agreed it at the friends' group AGM meeting the other week."

"Well they still might not know about it..."

"T.Aldous was there and said it was OK."

So the staff at Windscape don't know about it, Lola the librarian responsible for Windscape doesn't know about it and Doreen the Group Librarian doesn't know about it. It also comes as a surprise to Frog, but he's only responsible for children's library services so it's nothing to do with him. But Himself does, so that's alright then.

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