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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This time we're lost somewhere else entirely

I'm using quite a lot of graphics on our library portal, particularly on the children's pages, which is as it should be. Unfortunately, I can't store the graphics files on the portal's server because I'm not allowed there "for security reasons." (The same security reasons that mean I can't restart the server when some bugger in IT accidentally unplugs it at the mains.) Up to now I've got by this by:
  • Using graphics files that we've been using on our web site (particularly on the children's pages dot dot dot). Except that we're not allowed graphics on the new council web site.
  • So I put them in a blog. But we aren't allowed access to blogs on the corporate network (yet can create blogs... go figure) and so can't get the addresses of the graphics.
  • So I created a Yahoo group and uploaded the files there, but that doesn't work because the graphics are only visible on the PC I used for the process.

So I have to find another home for them at nil cost without appearing on the radar of any of the corporate prodnoses who want to dictate what services the Library Service does or doesn't provide to the poor bloody public but who have no intention of accepting any degree of responsibility for their activities whatsoever.

"Power without responsibility... the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages." Amen, Stanley, amen.


Anonymous said...

Are any of these useful?


Thanks for blogging. It's so nice to know we're not alone.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Thanks anonymous, and to the others who sent in suggestions by email. I'll let you know how I get on.

I'm still debating whether it's reassuring to know that we're not alone or just thoroughly depressing!