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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Thirty-one boxes of new books are delivered to add to the nineteen that were delivered the other day and the twenty we're expecting tomorrow. Mary tells people that they're stacking up because the Acq. team "can only do so much," which pisses them off because they've been waiting three years for one of their vacancies to be filled (not for want of asking) and are still trying to find out what's happening with Jimmy Huddersfield's job.

The major project now is how to find room for all these boxes. Seth makes a suggestion:

"Couldn't all those display stands that T.Aldous bought and stackedup in the fire corridor last June go out on display in some of the libraries? Then there'd be plenty of room to stack these boxes. They'll only be there for a week or two and we'll then have a clear fire exit."

So instead we're piling boxes ten deep in the corner by the filing cabinets.

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