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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some are more equal than others

I've just been providing a population profile of our borrowers for the inspection. T. Aldous nodded sagely as Ardley Corduroy told the inspectors that we had plans to address the needs of minorities in the district, especially women. I endeared myself to him by pointing out that in the last census the ratio of men to women in the district was 55:45 and that of our borrowers was 63:38.

I had to explain why our female:male ratio comes to 101%. Garbage in, garbage out, unless one of our libraries really is largely patronised by hermaphrodites and transexuals. "In that case, the statistics could be entirely wrong and male members could outnumber female members after all." "Have you been in any of our libraries lately?" I asked. I didn't ask if he'd surveyed many members lately. One doesn't like to intrude.

Perhaps he'd be happier if I just shouted numbers out at random.

Oho yes... The move into Noddy Community Centre has hit a snag: the community centre managers have said that they don't like the idea of men going through the centre to go to the library as they might all be perverts.

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