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Friday, August 05, 2005

Making a right bog of it

Lakeside Library has been reconditioned for DDA purposes and is now fully accessible for wheelchair users who can come down the hill without having their brakes fail. "We've got the best toilet in the Borough!" trills the librarian, who drags unwary passers-by into the library for a tour of the conveniences. It is a truly magnificent, well-appointed toilet. And so it should be, taking up half the floor area of the library. Just one fly in the ointment: no toilet roll holder.

"Disabled people don't use toilet roll holders," says the Equal Access Worker.

"What do they use then?" asked the librarian.

"They use the sink," said the Equal Access Worker.

The ladies from the Twilight Home were quite indignant at the thought! "Mind you, it's just like them as work for the council," said one. "I bet they all crap in the sink at home."

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