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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It really isn't just us!

Visiting a colleague elsewhere in the North of England, we repaired to the pub for lunch. Over in a corner was a bunch of happy-daft people chatting and laughing loudly.

"I wouldn't go near them," he warned.

"Why not?"

"They work in the library."

I thought no more about it until a chap at the next table to them got up and spoke to them loudly.

"Are you from Social Services?"

"No, from the library."

"Aah. You won't know that your head of service is retiring in November, will you? I bet you wonder how I know. I'm a councillor."

And he walked off.

I was a bit surprised by this. My colleague was shocked:

"Our head of service only found out himself yesterday and he came in from holiday especially this morning to let us know about it before the corporate email announced it."

"That's a bit off. Are you going to complain about that councillor then?" I asked.

My colleague shook his head. "If I make a fuss it'll be them lot over there as get witch-hunted. Let sleeping dogs lie. God knows there's enough of 'em."

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