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Monday, February 01, 2010

Let's spend the night together

Chronic insomnia is one of the Sunday night rituals. All the rest of the week the pillows on my bed are cosy and friendly. On Sunday nights I might as well be trying to doss down on a granite breakwater.

This morning, at a quarter to four, I woke up with a start from a dream about having a panic attack at work, only to discover that I was starting to have a panic attack about work. I don't know why. It's not as if it's any worse than usual. It's been awful in the past. Every evidence suggests that it's going to be awful in the future. But at the moment it's just mightily irritating, endlessly dispiriting and intolerably wearisome. There's no good reason for my getting worked up about it.


Webrarian said...

I find the "Life is too short" mantra works at such times.

Also the thought that if I died tomorrow, I'd be forgotten by most people at work within a few months - if that long.

Oh, and taking the tablets, of course :-)

wendy house said...

I found screwing a shed together helped me sleep soundly.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Webrarian: I find it works perfectly when I'm winding other people down at work (that and "take a deep breath; even if we really, really screw up nobody dies"). Unfortunately, I know full well what a bullshitter I am so I can't take my own advice.

I have an uncomfortable feeling I may be back on the tablets before this year's out.

Wendy: I thought you'd been quiet lately. (-:

Pat said...

What Webrarian says makes sense.
Aeons ago I used to get the dread of Monday as soon as The Palm Court orchestra started on the radio on Sunday night.
I hope it gets better soon.

syncopated eyeball said...

I once read somewhere that insomnia is when both sides of the pillow are hot. More like both sides of both pillows for me sometimes.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Sorry to hear about this Kev. I also found getting to sleep on a Sunday night very difficult, and had many unproductive Monday mornings as a result - maybe you should tell your work colleagues this and tell them to live with it.

KAZ said...

Oh Kev - Sunday nights.
Yes - I remember and I empathise and sympathise. But I now drop off instantly feeling exceedingly smug.
So sorry.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Ta Pat, he quite often talks sense but I don't like to tell him in case someone holds it against him.

eyeball: oh yes!

Gadjo: we're all as bad as each other, sadly.

Kaz: envy... (0:

Major Tom D'Omo said...

Consider a short vacation in Sheboygan - it's lovely in springtime