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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Design and construction remediation

Some of the machinery in the boiler room hasn't been serviced in the two decades we've been here. Seth's been trying to sort out a problem with it and rang the company for advice. Which they gave, free and gratis, and well done to them.

The engineer on the line asked when it was last serviced and was a bit shocked to find it never had been.

"There's not often any major problem but it's as well to have someone check it out once a year or so, just to be on the safe side."

So a service engineer came out. He look at the kit and scratched his head.

"This stuff's self-servicing. You shouldn't need anyone to come out."

Seth explained what he'd been told and then pointed out some of the problems he's been having to deal with. That was at nine this morning. The engineer's only just re-emerged from the gubbins, having spent all day sorting out a problem that he reckons wouldn't have happened if it had been serviced properly.

The problem is that we've all worked here so long that this makes sense to us.


Jimmy Bastard said...

I didnae take a fancy to the colour of your o****e box, but I will admit to having more than a slight chuckle over this latest titbit.

nursemyra said...

Makes sense to me too

Pat said...

You could all have been overcome with fumes and stuff.
I get overcome with trying to follow the logic:)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Jimmy: we'll paint you a blue one, special like.

nursemyra: oh dear. welcome to our world...

Pat: nah, that's what the air conditioning's for (-:

Jimmy Bastard said...

Blue is it? A curse upon you sir.