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Friday, January 01, 2010

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1699

Well, here it is: 2010 and he we are. Hello.

Those of you wondering what this blog is about could do worse than to have a look at this bit. For those regular readers (bless you both), perhaps this is time for a moment's reflection.

Firstly, and seriously, I'd like to mark the passage of those who didn't make it to 2010. I know I've been lucky personally in this regard, though there have been a few times latterly when I've wondered when that luck would run out. Too many of the people I know, either in real life or in cyberspace, haven't been so lucky. Best wishes and sympathy to all who are left behind.

Some of my regular contacts in the blogosphere have gone quiet lately, either here or in their own blogs. I hope that all is well with them and that they've just found better things to do that are both time-consuming and wonderful. You're always welcome back here. You can even throw buns if you want.

And that leaves you, dear reader. I'm still amazed that you keep coming back to read the deranged ramblings of a bitter old man but I have come to welcome your presence. Thank you for your patience.

Whatever happens in the fantasy world of Helminthdale, do have a good 2010, one and all.


Pat said...

I've only been gone for a week. Just in time to wish you a happy healthy 2010 for you and yours and keep 'em comin'.

Macy said...

Indeedy, a lot of us are thinking of those who didn't make it. Time can march on all it likes, but we'll be keeping the memories.

KAZ said...

Is it too late to wish that 'deranged and bitter old man' a Happy New Year?

Charlie said...

You are such a prolific writer, Kevin, that I can hardly keep up with you. Not bad for an old geezer.

Lettuce see here. Continuous recession since 1946. According to the US Federal Reserve Board, that should end in 2010, so Happy New Year.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: welcome back, Pat! Have a good one!

Macy: absolutely. Good luck and hugs.

Kaz: not at all, and Happy New Year to yourself!

Charlie: happy New Year, you mad optimist!

Webrarian said...

What's this "old man" stuff?

Thanks for keeping me sane during 2009 ("sane"?), and here's to 2010...

St Jude said...

Well I hope you have a happy and healthy 2010.

Ms Scarlet said...

Happy New Year!!!
You'll find me in Common Places.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Webrarian: thanks (sane? has everone seen the photos?)

Ta St Jude!

And ta again Scarly!