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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A boy's best friend is his bladder

Himself is traipsing to and fro to the bins in the back yard with pieces of paper. Excepting those he deposits on somebody's desk. And every piece of paper has a story. To be told. Twice. Or more. And then back into his office. It's rather sweet, really. Or would be if it weren't so very, very peculiar.

So we know that copy of the Library Association Record includes a picture of a children's library that looks like the one we had at Racconville at the time.

And we know that his heart's in the right place with that year-old cutting from the Catty Examiner about the boy with the bad leg.

Yes, I remember the work we put into the review of library membership in 1994. And what happened as a result (I'll leave that one dangling).

Oh, a Christmas card from Shagger Noakes, how nice.

And yes, let's either renew or return the 1988 Rose Grower's Annual.

I can't help it. I'm hooked. Because I know what's coming. I know it must be there. Each day brings it closer.

And today is the day.

The documentation for the People's Network project.

"You can't imagine the hard work and headaches that project caused," he tells me.

I. Can't. Imagine. The. Hard.Work. And. Headaches. That. Project. Caused.

My therapist very quickly got a handle on the hard work and headaches that project caused.

Not a jury would convict me.


Pat said...

If you were deaf I'd suggest you took your hearing aid out. Permanently.

nursemyra said...

Hang in there. He'll soon be gone

Gadjo Dilo said...

Can't you all just pretend to be Norwegian* one day and not understand a single word he says??

* (Doesn't have to be Norwegian, obviously.)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: unfortunately I can lip-read.

nursemyra: we are not convinced.

Gadjo: there are days when you don't have to be Norwegian...

The Topiary Cow said...

"...I. Can't. Imagine. The. Hard.Work. And. Headaches. That. Project. Caused..."


Hoping there is a huge wastebin in your area which can soon be filled with these should-be-forgotten shards of the past.