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Monday, January 11, 2010

Not a survival biscuit

Helminthdale continues to struggle in the snow. Word comes to us from the housing office on Brocklesbury Road:

"We have put a sign up telling residents that there is no nutritional value in eating snow. Even the yellow stuff."

We are cheered up enormously by this news. Thanks guys!


St Jude said...

'even the yellow stuff', oh my giddy aunt, I have two doggies and rather a lot of yellow snow in my garden.... yuck! That is the yellow stuff to which you were referring wasn't it??? Or have I put two and two together and made five again.

Madame DeFarge said...

And do they have scientific proof? We need a boffin or two to make this truly credible. Or edible.

Anonymous said...

Personally, Kevin, I would be disappointed by this announcement. They tell you NOW?

Kevin Musgrove said...

St Jude: I'll bet your garden's a model of antiseptic splendour compared to Brocklesbury Road.

Madame DeF: there's rumour of a double-blind test involving a bottle of Thunderbird and some white dog shit.

Elizabeth: hello and welcome! We're just happy to be told.

woody2shoes said...

Oh, I am so dissapointed to read that there is no nutrition in Eating Snow,
I had the urge to eat some last week, (hadn't done so since a Kid) and again this morning, a whole measuring Jug full........

Never mind, I have enjoyed it in any case :-)