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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Time for the odd-man-out round

Half the shops in Helminthdale have got closing down sales and even the charity shops are struggling. So it's probably not a good time for one of the council's free magazines to be advertising the shopping facilities in the neighbouring boroughs of Bencup and Pardendale.

Theoretically, the people running Helminthdale market could have advertised in said publication but they, like us, have had their already minuscule marketing budget frozen.

If we ever had to go in for sponsorship the council would probably require us to take coin from The North of England Book-Burning Association.


Pat said...

Sad but true - you have to speculate to accumulate and any business needs stoking up. Someone once likened it to an express train going a 110 miles an hour but if you stop shovelling the coal on it stops. It made sense to me when I had a business.

Macy said...

Oh but look! you have 30 followers! That's enough for a COACH TRIP to Helminthdale! We could peruse the charity shops, admire the car park and wonder at the library itself!

OK, OK sorry, off to lie down now and take my pills.

Affer said...

Be quick - the North of England Book Burning Association has had its funding slashed in favour of that new Quango: The Intelligent Disposal of Increasing E-Reader Technologies Society (aka The IDIERTS).

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: as Ken keeps telling me: "if they ran a whelk stall they'd begin with the start-up capital, remove the projected profit before buying whelks or stall and then hire consulatants to find out why the business was in the red."

Macy: Helminthdale is so bad that they have popular Christmas shopping coach trips to Coventry!

Affer: there's always money for a quango

The Topiary Cow said...

It seems so many towns are dying, nobody has any money, yet there are plenty of very-rich people, how is it they have all the money and towns like Helminthdale are left with none?

Cow never understands this basic problem.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Ms Cow: it's the polarising effect of umanaged capitalism: money goes to where money is.