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Monday, November 03, 2008

Welcome back for the first time

They're unpacking boxes at Catty and in the process left the front door open while a trolley-load of books was taken out of the library. Sure as eggs, a customer walks into the library. There are two possible scenarios:
  1. Welcome the customer. Explain that the library's not open yet but we're well on the way to getting ready and we hope that he'll find it's been worth the wait. It's going to look good when we've got all the stock on the shelves and done the last of the tidying up. And we're a bit fed up because we wanted to be open well before now but we hit a problem with the floor, which has been resolved and doesn't it look a treat now? remember that awful triple-edged camber? and we're waiting for the builders to sort out the roofing problem over there in the corner where we've been planning to put all the computers. Still, we're getting there and it does look pretty good, doesn't it? And don't forget, Carbootsale Library's just down the road and they're open six days a week while Catty Library's closed. We look forward to seeing you when we're officially open!
  2. Sorry, we're closed. Could you close the door on your way out. Thanks.

Guess which approach was chosen.


Gadjo Dilo said...

Or there could have ben a third approach: offer to loan the customer some books from your own personal collection, but don't tell them that the loan period is only 1 day and that the overdue fine is £1 per hour.

Kevin Musgrove said...

gd: you've been in our business library then?