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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You probably don't recognise me without my cape

Maybelle's Amazonian claim is picked up on by Sibyl and Frog, who are feeling michevious. I'm in no mood to fight the flow.

"You'd be no good as an Amazon," says Sibyl, who has a classical education. "They had to have one of their breasts lopped off so that they'd be better able to draw a bow and arrow. You wouldn't want that: you'd be walking round with a list."

"It didn't do Wonder Woman any harm," I point out.

"It's the star-spangled knickers," says Sibyl.

"You don't have the star-spangled knickers as well do you Maybelle?"

"You'd only get distracted," she replies. Which is true.

"I'm Junoesque,"

continues Maybelle, spotting when she's on a roll.

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Unknown said...

A cross-bow.