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Monday, November 17, 2008

Only wearing black until they make something darker

It's an interesting time in the Acq. Team. They're mired in the pre-Christmas rush of orders, reference subscription renewals, the latest panic buy for Catty Library and preparations for getting the vacancy they've been carrying for four years advertised and, perhaps, even filled.

"How's things?" I ask Noreen when she's on her own and it's quiet.

"Oh, the usual. It'll be alright, it's under control. As far as anything ever is under control round here. The one thing that's really making my life a real misery at the moment is that thing."

She motioned over to the cupboard in the corner.

"That's the cassette player they use for rewinding talking books. I don't know why they have to put it in our area, just because that's where the electricity points are."

When somebody is so determined to make such a mountain from such a molehill the safest thing to do is to sigh and walk away quietly.

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