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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'll be leader, you can march behind

Frog, Maybelle and I are in a meeting to discuss a few pieces of work we're working on. Frog mentions some problems he's having getting the use of a room in Sheep City as a venue for an event next year. I ask the obvious question:

"Why does it need to be at Sheep City?"

"When Mary and I talked it through it was obvious that upstairs here wasn't an option."

"Couldn't any other library do?"

"We had that workshop for playgroups at Tench Road last May and the turnout for that was really disappointing."

"That is on the further reaches of the Borough, though, isn't it?"

"Why not have it at Noddy?" asks Maybelle. "It's attached to the community centre so we can have sessions after library hours; it's got a bus stop just outside on the main road; and a huge car park."

"We've tried having late night events in the branches but... I'm turning into Mary, aren't I? Sorry. I'll check it out and see if that's a possible."

This comes as a relief: I'd made a note to have a chat with him about this point after the meeting. I hope that if I ever go that way he'd do similar.


Unknown said...

and is it possible to turn into Mary?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Wendy: Mary managed it so it can't be impossible.