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Monday, November 24, 2008

Libraries as centres for leisure activities

Seth is seen carrying something on the end of a very long stick. It is a used condom, found in the Reference Library lift lobby. It excites comment amongst the staff.

"Yeugh! Fancy making love in a lift!"

"Have you never done it?"

I think I would, given the right opportunity. I have fond memories of adolescent fumblings in the reserve stacks of a research library.

There's an air of outrage in the Reference Library. You'd think they'd be glad that somebody's come up with a use for the library that doesn't involve them having to go to the enquiry desk to ask for service.


Gadjo Dilo said...

That's exactly my point, Kev, (comment on previous post): libraries are incredibly sexy places permanently teetering on the brink of being all-in orgies - it's a wonder you get time to loan out books at all.

Lavinia said...

Appalling! Is nothing sacred? That is quite nasty!