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Monday, November 24, 2008

Pedalling our way down the road of life

T.Aldous is trying to get some stuff shifted from here over to the old Roadkill Library (which by rights should be part of a dual carriageway by now) and some other stuff shifted from Dutch Bend to Catty in preparation for it joining a pile of other stuff coming back here for no apparent reason. The problem is that Kevin the van driver has got a full itinerary for today as he's taking piles of boxes to each and every library in the Borough (we're a public library, we buy new books, honest!) and is then filling in for the nursing homes runs in Carbootsale and Umpty. T.Aldous is struggling with the logistics.

"I can't see why it takes him so long to go round the nursing homes in Umpty."

Says the man who does the ten minute run down Pardendale Road in never less than forty minutes.

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