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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Alcohol is not allowed on the fairground ride

Poor old Warner Baxter's laid up after an operation. We quite like him as he's a decent sort and he makes Policy Team say nice things to us when we deserve them. So we were all very happy to sign and send a card and Frog included some suitably doggerelly get-well verse.

Warner's emailed T.Aldous asking him to pass on his thanks to all concerned. Which is really nice.

The gilt is scraped off the gingerbread quite considerably by T.Aldous' hand-written coda:

"Policy Team bought Warner some wine and nuts as a present for when we went round to visit the other day. We didn't have time to put out a tin for staff donations but if you would like to contribute something towards the £14.97 cost of the gift please put it in the tin provided."

"The poor devils must be on their uppers," mutters Sybil.


The Topiary Cow said...

It never fails to astound the Cow at how cheap management is.

They make tons more money than us humble Topiary serfs do, yet always have their hand out. And forget about any generous contribution to staff birthdays or celebrations. Forget it.

Cow thinks the rule to apply is: Donations are asked for BEFORE gift purchase. Then available funds are inventoried and gift is bought according to funding level. Not the other way around.


Kevin Musgrove said...

quite agree, dear lady

which is probably why I'll never be management.

Lavinia said...

I think the staff at your library should fill the tin with ciggy butts and gum wrappers.