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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yesterday's playthings

More mutterings in the Acq Team. They've been trying and failing to get a meeting with Mary about the Pay & Grading Review before next week's deadline for response to the response. A meeting in this context means her being in the same place as them for more than five minutes and talking with them about the Review results and what, if anything they need to do about it, as opposed to talking about sweeties, squirrels, class numbers and pencils. Every day they ask: "are we going to talk about this today?" And every day they're told: "well, I'm busy today but I've got a meeting tomorrow morning so we could get together before that."

In lieu of a meeting she's had them cutting out sections of the responses and sticking them onto sheets of A3 paper "to make it easier for me to see what's what." This beggars belief.

T.Aldous negotiated an extension to the process to next week. In this service an extension provides an opportunity to put off till tomorrow what you could have put off yesterday but put it off a bit. Still, it's only people's livelihoods isn't it? Not like it's anything important.

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