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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

He laughs at scars who never felt a wound

Frog and I have arranged to set some time aside to work on some children's interactives on the web and setting up some publishing space for reports, statistics and peer-to-peer conversations about the services we're providing for children in our libraries (which is something we do surprisingly well in the circumstances). We both need something positive to do: he's knackered after the usual gruelling and gruesome summer holiday programme and I'm in one of my "the web catalogue's the second-biggest source of issue figures in the Borough and nobody gives a flying fuck" moods. This is something positive and it's something we'd have done a long time ago if it hadn't been for a few corporate problems which still haven't been resolved.

As a courtesy Frog tells Mary what we're planning to do.

"Just so long as it's a children's interactive area and not a Frog and Kevin interactive area."

This is her one and only input to our web presence in the twelve years we've had it. I feel like telling her to shove it up her arse.

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