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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The patience of Jobs

More mutterings in the staff room about the pay & grading review. I've not heard mine yet but I was late doing the paperwork as I held out as long as possible on the not-unreasonable grounds that I have no idea what my job is any more. The acq team is doubly pissed off because they're still waiting for their grades to be reassessed from before the millenium (it's hanging about pending review, delayed by our implementing automated ordering (1999), the retirement of van driver (2000), the first Best Value review (2002) and sundry other factors, like T. Aldous "has ideas about restructuring how the team works", and is now further in abeyance while the library service decides how the MLA stock procurement plans affect what we're doing, or not).

The sense of resentment is further heightened because Betty's been waiting all this time to have her job title changed from "Clerk Typist" to "Acq. Assistant." This entails no change in status or pay but confers on Betty the recognition that she does, indeed, order, receive and invoice stock and it isn't just some strange, exotic dream. In the mean time the members of Management Group have been re-titled twice and had two substantial upward regrades. There is a truly peculiar attitude to job titles here: Jimmy Huddersfield was Acquisitions Librarian for twenty years and ran the Procurement Team (as was) for twelve of them before they finally relented and changed his job title from "Catalogue Librarian."

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