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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sitting lifeless in a sea of Mustn't Grumble

All last week we had no end of bitching about the new clocking-in processes. Which is fair enough as the new clocking-in processes are fantastically cack-handed, as you would expect from any process invented by a Policy Team that is ignorant of the practicalities and uncaring of their effects.

We have a rare staff meeting this morning (the occasion being that we all need to be told the new rules on election purdah and are required to sign a sheet of paper to say We Were There). Julia takes the opportunity to remind everyone of the new clocking-in process and asks if anybody has any problems with it.

Not a word.

I've already said plenty in another meeting so I hold my piece. Julia asks again, to confirm. Not a word again.

It's only when she's talking about absence monitoring later on in the meeting that anybody asks any questions about the new clocking-in process, and then not very much.

I shall remember this next time somebody bleats: "they should ask us what we think about things."


zmkc said...

That heading is wonderful: it will provide a crumb of comfort next time I'm in a similar boat.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Kevin, this brings back memories of the ancient times when I worked for other people... Brrr.

Now no one asks and I don't tell. Works very well.

Pat said...

Perhaps they're shy.

Kevin Musgrove said...

zmkc: we live to serve

Elizabeth: sounds like a system to me!

Pat: it is their major failing.