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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pull up a chip butty and sit down

Today is the day of T.Aldous' latest farewell luncheon. The community room is filled with food and mostly-warmish bodies and the man himself is holding court. The caterer has laid on a good spread. Well done, congratulations, splendid.

I've tried not to be churlish about this but having seen the amount of staff time that's been invested in this, and not for the first time, at a difficult time of year in uncertain organisational circumstances I really can't approve of it. I politely made my excuses and declined my invitation (I didn't want to spoil things so I claimed pressure of work).

Although the caterer has set everything up T.Aldous has insisted that Maisie and Maudie act as waitresses. Having been given no orders to the contrary they do so.

And where are Strike Force Library Management when all this is going on? Well, Julia elected to go on leave this week. Milton and Jack Harry have arranged to be at a series of all-day meetings in Umpty. Which leaves Doreen holding the baby. As Doreen isn't brim full of self-confidence and is treated by the rest of the managers very much as the junior partner in the team, she feels stuffed and just has to lump the situation like the rest of us. All morning we've been serenaded by the grinding of her teeth.

Staff who did attend the bunfight report that T.Aldous has been telling people that he'll be looking into a couple of hot topics when he's got some time in the office next week. He's a bit busy this week emptying his filing cabinet.

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