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Monday, April 12, 2010

Security is our watchword

Saturday's our busiest day so we hire extra staff to act as counter fodder (this isn't a sudden conversion to the principle of the application of resources to the demands of the market: it's been going on since Adam was a lad).

Of course, only logging onto the network once a week, and sometimes not even that, they may forget their passwords. And the IT Section aren't available on Saturdays so we can't ring them then to ask for the password to be reset. So we ask them today and find that the rules have changed.

If the person involved can't/won't ring the IT Section to get their own password reset we have to get the head of service to fill in a form authorising it.


Macy said...

Forsooth - weekend staff should do what we all do: write down password and leave it in a nice obvious place, like a post it on the desk...

Pat said...

I am not a spammer.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Macy: it took me ten years to stamp out that practice: the customers knew the passwords better than the staff!

Pat: no, you're not. The beggar's moved on and I hope he rots.