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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Among my souvenirs

An occasional series: titles really to be found on our reference library shelves.

  • Man Makes Hole: A Brief History Of Boring Tools
  • The Internal Purchasing Power Of The Pound 1989
  • Summary Of Bar Council's Response To The Humber Bridge Commission
  • Reorganisation Of Public Elementary Schools In England And Wales 1937-38
  • Electing The American President (1960)
  • How Americans Elect Their President (1968)
  • What Is The British Council? (1967)
  • England's Mountain Motorway: The Lancashire/Yorkshire Motorway - M62 (1966)
  • A Policy For The Arts(The First Steps.) Cmnd. Paper 2601 (1965)
  • Reform Of Local Government In England (Cmnd 4584) (1970)
  • Channel Tunnel Project: October 1973 To November 1974
  • After Four Years, A Practical Guide To The Race Relations Act (1972)
  • A National Minimum Wage: Report Of An Inter Departmental Working Party (1969)
  • Strategy For Pensions; The Future Development Of State And Occupational Provision (1971)
  • Who Publishes Official Information For Business And Industry? Proceedings Of A One-Day Seminar 20 Sept 1988
  • First Report From The Social Services Committee Session 1985-86: Reform Of Social Security
I wish I could say these were exceptional.


--s said...

They're all the same, aren't they? We've just started investigating our reference pamphlet files and we've never stopped laughing. We've got three (three!) different Channel Tunnel Project reports from 1973. And a 1914 edition of "Popular Jewish Coins."

Perhaps the most puzzling are the thirty-year-old handbooks on the airports of Belfast, East Midlands, Birmingham and Exeter. We're a farty little library in the north-west of England not far from yourself.

Kevin Musgrove said...

--s: oh yes...

And you've got 'A Passion For Donkeys,' haven't you? (-:

syncopated eyeball said...

I don't understand why they haven't been culled. I've never worked in a library but second hand bookshops, yes. (I also used to have a stall at a wee second hand market) These sound like the kind of things that people would try to sell us covered in sneezy dust and mouse poo.

zmkc said...

I bet it was you who took this tempting item from my local Freecycle:

Offer: Australian Bureau of Statistics Publication
I got given Jan to Dec 2000 Australian Economic Indicators ABS Catalogue
no. 1350.0 (12 isssues)
but do not need them. Have been sitting on my shelf untouched for the past 10 years!’

--s said...

Ha! You got me!

the ex-library moose said...

Send em to us, i know someone that will bin then as soon as thet arrive in tha box...!!