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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'll have you not bandy my loins about

Like myself, Frog is downhearted at work. Actually, pretty much like everyone really.

He's been a bit cheered because today's performance poet has told him that he should do a bit of moonlighting himself and has offered to put him in touch with a few useful people. It's a beguiling prospect and I think he'd do quite well at it.

"Sounds good," I say.

"Yes. I should give it a go, shouldn't I?"

"Yes. Even if it's just the occasional performance on a day off, it'll be another bow in your quiver."

"And it'll be nice to do something for an appreciative audience. That's why I'm still doing the occasional story time for the schools. It's nice to feel appreciated once every so often. You know yourself, do anything here and it doesn't matter how good a job you do of it it's like pissing yourself in a dark suit. You know all about it and nobody else notices."

He's quite right. I had to admit it: these days a lot of my motivation for writing is the need for the occcasional kind word from strangers.


ChickPea said...

And what, my friend, is the harm in that ? Motivation is motivation, sez I. Always good to visit your field and graze awhile. Thank you. x

Jimmy Bastard said...

Kind words often come attached to a cold pint. Beware!

Macy said...

And there's me thinking you did it for the sponsorship money from Helminthdale District Council!

Pat said...

There there:)
I'm a bit mesmerised by your title.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Like "pissing yourself in a dark suit", eh? The man's a natural! I do home that Maisy (or whoever) knits him a frog costume that he can perform in. Couldn't you do a double-act with him?

Major Tom D'Omo said...

You have grown into a substantial figure in your corner of the Blogosphere, Kev. I commend your writing style and also commend you on your continuing sublimation of the urge to go and kill people into some rather nice creative writing.

Major Tom D'Omo said...

I mentioned Peter Tinniswood before but I also ought to throw in some reference to Keith Waterhouse too. Your writing has echoes of them both.

Happy Frog and I said...

I love your writing/posts. I'm new to blogging as you know, but I to am enjoying it as a creative outlet away from the work life I normally lead.

Kevin Musgrove said...

ChickPea: Hello again! And thanks.

Jimmy: I can cope, even though I'm told it's nearly 90p a pint these days.

Macy: the Helminthdale Tourist Board keeps me in stale simnel cake.

Ta Pat!

Gadjo: I made sure to make a note of it straight away.

Outside pubs our performing styles are too different to work properly.

Major: am I owing you money?

Happy Frog & You: ta. You're keeping us in childhood memories.

den said...

Break out the choccy biscuits and don't let the buggers get you.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Hello and welcome Den! A jolly good idea.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I've only just realised that this is post 2,500 in this blog.

I must be demented.