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Monday, April 26, 2010

Haven't we been here before?

"It's his last day today," says Maisie.

"It was his last day on Friday," I objected. "That's why he had lunch with his cronies from the Human Resources department."

"It was his last day on Friday. But he had to come in on Saturday and he's just rung me to tell me to ask Julia if it's OK for him to come in today to finish emptying his filing cabinet."

"And what's she said?"

"She said she wishes somebody would do something about this situation."

"So she didn't go as far as to say no, then?"

"What do you think?"


nursemyra said...

I think not

Kevin Musgrove said...

Give the lady a paper dolly

Pat said...

Is this our dear old friend or - Heaven forbid - another old geezer?