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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lit only by a guttering candle

There's been a rash of "Psychic Evenings" in the pubs round Helminthdale lately. I noticed the first advert on The Duck and Pullet, but thought no more about it: nothing would surprise me in that end of town. Now I've seen adverts up at both The Red Castle and The Trembly Arms.

Given the rate that pubs are closing in this area we'll probably soon need a medium for to buy a round of drinks.


Pearl said...

Really? Psychic Evenings?

I am frowning in concentration and perplexicity (yes, I made that up); and you know how I feel about wrinkle attainment through confusion. (I'm against it.)

Is this a new thing? Our pubs are just full of heavy drinkers bemoaning that they have to step outside for a cig...


Jimmy Bastard said...

Is there anybody there?

The answer in short... is no! They are all away doon to the offie for a cheaper kerry-oot.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Knock three times if you are the ghost of Brian's aunt Doris and you think he should buy the next round.

Macy said...

That's NOT a ghostly essence at the front door - it's the last lingering trace of the last smokers; they've given up and gone away home to have a fag and a pint round at Jimmy's.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Wow. Agree with Pearl. Perhaps you should move here where the pubs are heaving with drunks and not a medium in sight. x

Pat said...

Visions of Margaret Rutherford and he wobbly chins. What fun!

Robert Swipe said...

"...I'm getting the word.....


Great pub names 'round your way Kevein. Only one round here that bears comparison is the Bloated Mallard.

(It's quite funny if you say it in a Geordie accent, I suppose...)


Kevin Musgrove said...

Pearl: Yes, for real. The young people who frequent our staff room tell me that "it's dead good!" (I wish they did that on purpose)

As for the smokers, well you just have to read the other comments...

Jimmy: even the offie's expensive these days when you can get tanked up at 17p a tin from the out-of-townie.

Gadjo: eee... it were like Chippie Minton's clog-dancing party!

Macy: nicotine-flavoured ectoplasm is the order of the day.

Ladybird World Mum: I think I should, we can't afford proper drunks up here.

Pat: priceless!

Bob: you've been, you've been!

Red Squirrel said...

What better place to communicate with spirits?