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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We rumba'ed to Edmundo Ros

It's Umpty Carnival next week and a few weeks ago Julia asked Frog to book a performer for the library's contribution to the hostilities. This he did forthwith. He also passed on the performer's request for a few bits of local colour that he could work into his patter - local landmarks, football teams, that sort of thing - to Julia and the librarians at Umpty.

This morning he gets an indignant 'phone call from one of the librarians over there. Frog had to spend twenty minutes providing a diplomatic answer to the question "Do I really have to do all this work before Saturday? I'm far too busy!"

He was interrupted in the middle of making the arrangements for another event at Umpty and doing the paperwork for the audit of Bookstart Treasure Box provision in the Umpty and Catty areas while his adversary had spent all morning sitting in the back office transferring three books to Gypsy Lane Library. In the circumstances I think he deserves a medal for tact and diplomacy.

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