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Monday, November 23, 2009

Till you find you've been bitten in the bulwarks by a shark

We are extremely fortunate that despite incessant rain for the past nine days we haven't experienced any major flooding incidents like folk further up north. (And best wishes and good luck to them as are affected.)

This doesn't mean that we escape entirely scot free. Dutch Bend town centre, situated as it is at the confluence of couple of dozen brooks, becks, sewage works and canal overflows with the River Ump, is given to flooding and this season hasn't disappointed. We're lucky in that the library's part of the old town built on the high ground next to the church and environs offering sanctuary for townsfolk and their sundry livestock. The latter may explain some of the anomalies between the visitor counts and issue figures.

Gypsy Lane Library's flooding problems are a new phenomenon perhaps not entirely unrelated to a developer's having concreted over the village pond behind the library so that he could build a block of bijou executive apartments.

Catty Library's building an ark. We think they're suffering the effects of all that varnish on the new floor.


Pat said...

The idea of floods and books is too awful to contemplate.

St Jude said...

I've always ensured that when purchasing homes they are half way up a hill, that way you don't get damage from gales at the top and flooding at the bottom. They strengthened the flood defences in our valley last year, now the poor sods in the next valley get twice as much flooding. It has to go somewhere.

Macy said...

Time for the BOBBING UP AND DOWN TEAM to RISE to the occasion methinks!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: it's not nice.

St. Jude: whenever I've lived in rented rooms or flats I've worked on the same principle.

Macy: by cracky you may be right!