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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kerosene lamp belong Jesus went bugger-up

Bronwyn was coming out of a meeting in the council one-stop-shop when she overheard this gem of an exchange between a little old lady and one of the workers behind the counter.

"It's no better."

"It's no better?"

"Nay, lad. It's no better."

"No better than..."

"It's no better than the last time I came in and telled you."

"So... do you want me to..."

"I just thought I'd come in and tell you it were no better."

And off she went.

As the worker in question was a relative, Bronwyn couldn't resist asking: "what was all that about?"

"I've no idea. I was hoping that if I kept her talking long enough she might give me a clue but she wasn't having any of it."


Pat said...

I was that little old lady and nowt's changed.

Unknown said...

mine was better for about 20 minutes, then stopped working altogether

Affer said...

There is an initiative to be announced in the Queen's Speech today. Considerable funding will be channelled into making a small improvement in this condition - but only for those resident in Invercockaleekie.

Macy said...

It never is.

Unknown said...

Fabulous I suspect what is no better is
- the old ladies memory or hearing
- cell phone reception in the immediate vicinity
- canteen cooking

Next time we should try to find out if there is something that is better that can offset the not-betterness of the thing that is not better.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: I thought I recognised the frock.

Ellis: it'll be dark by nightfall.

Affer: the inside dope: we can tell you're back in the groove!

Macy: the pessimism of youth.

Wendy: it's folk like you as start revolutions!

Gadjo Dilo said...

And, eeeeee, it's not like it used to be....