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Monday, November 09, 2009

Full and fair ones, come and buy!

Our corridor full of boxes is put into context. A colleague reveals:

"I have an office and corridor full of PCs and monitors that are no good to anyone, their current function is to upset the Health and Safety militia by being "hazards", which in the grand scheme of things rates as rather comfortably functional.

"There are only so many as our IT Section have been "renegotiating" the contract with disposal companies. This has taken six months during which time we have not been able to get rid of anything. Previously we would ring up, arrange a collection date and big wagon would appear with two hefty lads to shift mountains of defunct People's Network PCs. However we seem to have reduced in our expectation, as instead of wagon, two hefty bodies and capacity to remove up to ten palettes of stuff, we now have the ability to move five PCs at a time! So this is going to become a race, can we stop replacing PCs quicker than they can dispose of them?

"In order to try and assist matters the Council have introduced their annual spending freeze as we again have overspent on such as bookmarks with pictures of Councillors on them, so I can't spend more than £100 on anything without Chief Officer permission."


Pat said...

Is there no way they could repair them and send them to poorer countries?

Pearl said...

I say you stuff all unneeded appliances into someone's unlocked van and see how long it is before it's stolen...


Macy said...

Tell me there's no link between the PC graveyard and Mary's retirement present!

The Topiary Cow said...

Much liking Pearl's idea, and thinking this will be a good idea when it comes time to clean house.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: There's only so much unworkable junk we can foist onto poorer countries. The good news is that they do send working, if obsolete, hardware to organisations that can usefully put them to new work.

Pearl you schemer you! If their luck's as bad as ours they'd find the van had been stolen after all the crap had been unloaded.

Macy: calm yourself! There isn't. But you remind me of a much older story I may tell one day.

Ms. Cow: sneaky!